Defining the Future of Quantum Technology in the UK

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Key Topics for 2022

The perfect platform to learn, network and identify best practice in Quantum Computing

Governance, Ethics & Security

National Ecosystem & Supply Chain

The Future Quantum Workforce

Commercializing Quantum

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This popular, highly interactive one-day conference is a must-attend in the Tech calendar. Benefit from:

A programme delivered by leading policy makers and decision-makers across quantum technology
The opportunity to solve strategic problems by sharing ideas and solutions with over 250 of your peers
Streams covering quantum applications in computing, communication, meteorology & simulation to allow delegates to hear targeted content, tailored to their expertise
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Who will attend Quantum Advantage 2022?

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Testimonials across the Tech Portfolio

GovNet’s conferences provide excellent insight into the use of technology in public service delivery. Not only do they attract speakers of the highest calibre, they also generate great discussions engaging a wide range of attendees from across the public sector and its technology supply chain. As an industry analyst, GovNet’s events provide me with unrivalled access to a broad range of experts delivering information and commentary on key technology-enabled policy delivery.
Rob Anderson, Principal Analyst - Public Sector
Rob Anderson, Principal Analyst - Public SectorGlobalData
GovTech provided an incredibly valuable insight into the emerging technology within a governmental context that will help me drive new projects within my own organisation.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it very informative both locally and at a strategic level. It was good to hear what other departments and external suppliers are doing to drive Government forward
Product OwnerDepartment for Work and Pensions
A broad ranging event that covered a number of current topics and examples of the role digital plays in delivering cheaper & more efficient government services for the public
Digital Services ManagerShropshire Council
One of the things that I loved was that you could see who was watching the sessions with you. It helped us connect with folks who were interested in similar topics, and really made chatting so much easier. I haven't seen this at any other virtual shows so far.
Sponsor, Digital Government 2020
Great event so far, thank you! Definitely the best platform I have seen!
Good presentations and SwapCard is a very rich conferencing tool!
A superbly organised day
HM Revenue & Customs
I found the discussions around automation and hearing about other organisations implementation of AI and upcoming technologies very interesting. It’s a great conference to find out how other people are incorporating the future.
It was wonderful to see the great work being activated by strong leaders in cross departmental collaboration for a stronger Civil Service