2022 Agenda

9:00 am
Opening Remarks 
9:10 am
Ministerial Keynote | The State of Technology & Innovation in the UK: Leading the way to digital prosperity through unlocking the transformational power of tech
  • How can the UK continues building on its world-class research and innovation base and leading the global conversation on tech?  
  • What steps are taken to secure and develop talent in emerging technologies and quantum? 
  • How to ensure long-term digital prosperity is evenly spread across the entire country and regional innovation, strengths and specialisms are supported? 
  • Using digital innovation in the race to net-zero: How do we support the uptake of technologies and digital tools that reduce carbon emissions? How can QT help sustainability and create a social impact? 
9:30 am
Panel Discussion | Technology Governance & Ethics: An emerging framework for consistent, unbiased & inclusive application of technology
  • Standards, security, privacy, ethics, trust: How to strike the right balance and adopt ‘technology neutral regulation’ approach where possible?  
  • Implementing National Artificial Intelligence Strategy: What are the effects of AI on organisations’ safety and soundness, and how those risks can best be mitigated through robust governance? 
  • Public Sector Algorithmic Transparency Standard: How are we approaching standardisation? What conditions are required for the sector to develop these standards without restricting innovation? 
  • In which parts of the government AI, AI-enabled autonomous capabilities and quantum technologies are essential to realisation of the future development plans and scalability benefits? 
10:10 am
Platinum Sponsor Session
10:30 am
Coffee, Exhibition & Networking
11:00 am
Keynote Panel | Examining potential applications of quantum technology in commercial operations: What end user need to know?
  • How various industries can leverage quantum technology: land, sea, space, underwater, cyber? 
  • How to overcome the engineering challenges of QT systems and reduce the size, weight, power, and cost of devices to meet user needs? 
  • With applications of the modeling nature likely to come first, how should early adopters in chemistry, finance, and drug discovery prepare for quantum technology? 
  • In the interim how can end-users access, assess, and understand the advantages of QT? Where do they need to invest or create research teams? How would they exploit QT and make money from it? 
  • Can annealing help to realise the benefits that Quantum Computing today, rather than waiting for change to happen in the future? 
  • What impact that QC will have on AI and ML? 
  • With quantum communication and QKD systems fast growing what security protocols and quantum security standards should be in place?
Prof Sir Peter Knight
Prof Sir Peter Knight
Chair of the QMI, National Physical Laboratory
Chair of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme Strategic Advisory Board
11:40 am
Gold Sponsor Session
12:00 pm
Fireside Chat | Quantum Technologies: Establishing comprehensive innovation ecosystem that pairs facilities, infrastructure and skills with entrepreneurship and access to financing?
  • How to facilitate the successful transition of quantum technologies from laboratory to industry and support the shift from research to product development? How the government, as a strategic investor in sovereign technology, is supporting this? 
  • How to ensure that innovative ideas have good access to technology platforms, cooperation with the industry, and financing? 
  • How to build a major quantum ecosystem with training and skills development that promotes international standardisation and cooperation? 
  • What are the best routes for industry partners and SMEs to get involved with the QT programme? 
  • How to promote industrial and private sector investments in QT?
Roger McKinlay
Roger McKinlay
Challenge Director, Quantum
12:20 pm
Quantum Technology Seminar Session 1
1:10 pm
Lunch, Exhibition & Networking
2:00 pm
Quantum Technology Seminar Session 2
2:40 pm
Quantum Technology: How are government and early adopters working together to make this technology a reality?
  • What are the mechanisms for collaboration and funding in Quantum Technologies on European and global levels? Why both public and private investments are needed? 
  • How cooperative or competitive should the field of Quantum Computing be across the world? What is the balance of sovereignty and restrictions versus a free international market?  
  • How can we ensure the transition to a safe and secure quantum society? What kind of governance approaches are supporting the government’s role as a founding stakeholder in sovereign technology? 
  • How to develop the required ecosystem of scientists, startups, and investment of tech giants, as well as the government funding and policy support? 
  • How can we be more agile with accelerating the provision of skills? 
3:20 pm
Silver Sponsor Session
3:40 pm
Quantum Enhanced Computing: As QC is not a replacement for digital, do you have to own one or will you access it on the cloud?
  • Considering the cloud, 5G, 6G, and the change in business models: What is the best approach in terms of investment in and access to quantum technologies? 
  • How to take a stepped approach to deliver these technologies? How to develop quantum computing technologies that can truly integrate (from a full system and stack perspective) with current HPC technologies and into existing data centres? 
  • How to combine the quantum world with the traditional cyber security world? 
  • Is there a mechanism to direct support for Ph.D. studentships into new/emerging strands of research? 
4:00 pm
Coffee, Exhibition & Networking
4:20 pm
Start Ups Space: Your chance to preview the latest and greatest game-changing technology

There is a growing number of funding programmes, research groups, and industrial players involved in GovTech and Quantum Tech spaces. We would like to encourage start ups to get involved and to submit their proposals to be reviewed by the judges. Those shortlisted will be able to present their pitch in front of the entire audience and will also have a chance to win an exhibitor stand at the next year’s GovTech or Quantum Advantage Summits. 

  • Join us on the day to review the offerings from 4 innovative starts ups that could potentially address your biggest challenges 
  • Listen to the judges’ reviews and their verdicts. Vote for your favourite. Will you recognise the future success? 
4:50 pm
Multiparity Systems, Mirrored World and the Power of Tech: How do we build a tech-savvy nation and workforce?
  • As leaders are rethinking their 5-10-year plans, will intelligent digital twins and cyber-physical infrastructures change how the public sector, industries and businesses operate, collaborate and innovate? 
  • How do we ensure every citizen has a base level of digital and cyber skills and is able to benefit from the digital revolution?  
  • Leveling up digital prosperity across the UK: How do we support long-term digital prosperity and ensure it is evenly spread across the country?  
  • How to support regional hubs by building on regional innovation, regional strengths and regional specialisms? 
  • How can the global collaboration and connection of people, technology and ideas create better trained workforce and a brighter future for business, government and society? 
  • What education and training agenda is required for upskilling, re-skilling and moving workers to different jobs within the public sector and beyond? 
5:20 pm
Chair’s Remarks, End of the Conference and Drinks Reception